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Toronto, Canada

The Process.

Mass Exodus 2015: One of the Top 17 Collections!

Lindsay Seegmiller

With the news that I had advanced into the final evening fashion show, the afternoon of April 1st quickly got hectic. While communication organizers worked on line up and music, I realized one of my models couldn't carry on to the evening show. I dashed around until 4pm looking for someone who could fit the final look and who also carried the spirit of Jane. I was relieved to find an incredible model from another collection who my team quickly transformed out of her edgy look and into something whimsical.

We had to make a few other last minute changes after deciding to shuffle the order of the models. Jillian, who we moved from the final look to the grass skirt look, expertly and quickly learned how to take off her coat gracefully on stage. My sister Lindsay continued to be a tremendous help in getting the looks ready for our 5pm deadline. Things got a little complicated when a fuse blew just as we were all frantically steaming our garments, but it all came together just in time.

At 6pm, the President of Ryerson - Sheldon Levy - and his wife were joined on stage by Robert Ott and Jeanne Beker to kick off the show. Then, it was time for the girls who of course, were perfect. We ended the night with all the design students walking the runway beside one of our looks which was a definite highlight.


After the show, there was a President's Reception with the graduating class, industry representatives, fashion communication students and our faculty. Over cocktails and appetizers, we got to celebrate, network and share. I was particularly excited to hear that the President's wife was interested in buying my whole collection!

And with that, a crazy and unreal year drew to a close. I am eternally grateful to my team of stylists, models and supporters who helped bring this whole collection to fruition. I cannot believe its over!