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Toronto, Canada

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The Collection: Volume 1.

Jane Eyre Goes to Sable Island

Volume 1: Jane Eyre Goes to Sable Island is an elegantly casual collection that uses high quality and comfort fabrics in colours inspired by the setting of Sable Island. The design aesthetics represent a continuum, taking elements of the Victorian era and incorporating them into a modern and classic silhouette that draws in movement and pattern from the natural environment of the island. The result is a classic and timeless collection that appeals to today’s modern woman.

In this collection, Sable Island’s natural environment is reflected through the fabrics, colour tones, shapes and silhouettes.The Victorian-era is echoed in the design details, accessories, and the silhouettes of the pieces. Sleeve details, bows, lace trims, pleats, grommets, sashes and shawls draw in an aura of romance and magic. Pairing the pieces with drop-earrings, bracelets, cameos, and heart pendant further completes the fusion of nature with the Victorian era.  

From Sketch to reality: The Evolution of Jane Eyre

Chosen by Fashion Television's Jeanne Beker as one of the Top 17 fashion collections from the graduating class, based on style & uniqueness.